blur the boundaries.

Bringing your vision to life with unique and innovative design solutions.

Brand Design

We bring your brand into focus. Our designs manifest your unique voice across all touchpoints.

• Logo creation that defines you
• Comprehensive brand guides
• Captivating cross-platform design
• Custom color and typography
• Expressing your brand's voice
• Engaging audience-oriented designs

Digital Design

We navigate the digital landscape with precision. Our creations blend user experience with aesthetic prowess.

• Inviting digital interfaces
• Captivating web/mobile design
• Optimal responsive design
• Intuitive user experience
• Impactful UI design
• Modern design trends

Design Team Extension

We merge with your team like a seamless gradient. Consider us an integral part of your creative process.

• Ready-to-deploy design expertise
• Seamless team integration
• Punctual and efficient delivery
• Boost your team's capabilities
• Flexibly scaling support
• Clear communication/collaboration

First impressions are pivotal. That's why at Blur. Design, we ensure your website looks outstanding and operates flawlessly.

How we collaboratively craft your ideal website at Blur. Design.
1. Discover & Define

At Blur. Design, we begin by diving deep into understanding your brand, its needs, and the project's objectives. Through this stage, we ensure that our designs will align perfectly with your unique brand and goals.

2. Conceptualize & Create

With clear insights from the discovery phase, our team crafts unique design concepts that encapsulate your brand essence. We work with you to refine these concepts into a final design that speaks your brand language.

3. User Experience Design

Keeping your audience at the heart of our process, we design user interfaces that are not just visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly. We ensure that the design promotes an engaging and satisfying user experience.

4. Collaborate & Refine

As your extended design team, we work closely with you, integrating feedback and making necessary refinements to perfect the design. We believe in collaboration and flexibility to deliver designs that truly meet your expectations.

White Lab3l

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Web Design

White Lab3l approached Blur. Design seeking a comprehensive design overhaul. We partnered with them to create a distinct brand identity, innovative UI/UX design, a unique logo, and striking graphic designs. Our collaboration led to a cohesive visual language that encapsulates White Lab3l's unique brand essence, setting them apart in their industry.

Logo & Sketch Showcase

Logo Design
Sketch Design

At Blur. Design, we believe in showcasing the depth and diversity of our design expertise. Our collage represents a medley of logos and sketches crafted by our talented team, each piece a testament to our creative prowess and dedication to design excellence. This visual montage embodies our passion for bringing ideas into focus and our commitment to innovation in design.


Web Design
Icon Design

Tradix, a dynamic company, partnered with Blur. Design for a strategic web design overhaul, including icon and UI/UX design. Our collaboration resulted in an intuitive, user-friendly website and unique iconography that truly reflects Tradix's innovative spirit. The resulting design provides a seamless user journey and a visually compelling online presence for the brand.


Brand Identity
3D Art
Social Media Design
Web Design

PathFund entrusted Blur. Design to revamp their web design, create stunning 3D art, redefine their brand identity, and design their social media presence. Our multidimensional approach culminated in a coherent and compelling visual narrative that authentically represents PathFund's ethos. The transformed design elements provided PathFund a consistent and impactful brand representation across all platforms.

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